Rejected | why this html template got rejected ?

I uploaded this html template 2 weeks ago and today themeforest reply to me and said it got rejected and i will can not resubmit it again and they did not say why and redirected me here to the forums to find out
so help me and tell me the errors with this item

WIth respect you are a long way off the standard for here.

  • Design is very basic and overly simple

  • Avoidable validation issues

  • Needs more features and functionality

  • Pointless having blog or work previews with no item/post page

  • That free hosting is a disaster for items here and does not always even work with envato’s preview

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thank you for you feedback and i will make sure to follow this notes in my future designs :slight_smile:

can you tell me what do you mean by that (( Avoidable validation issues )) ?

Code does not fully validate - the errors are not huge but still avoidable and that is enough to get rejected.

Hi there:

Your design is hard rejected because:

Your need practice more for approved item themeforest for sell template, Regards.

what do you mean by remove language ?

is it forbidden to use free hosting and domain or can i use free host with paid domain?

Your can remove two language (english and arabic).

Your can use a hosting free but very show open website than you can buy a hosting very fast open website