Rejected! What's next? (Theme for novice authors)

The rejected project is always unpleasant. The author invests a part of himself in what he does and of course his work is almost the best at this moment. But then comes a long-awaited email with an unpleasant text. Rejected. Of course, this is very distressing. Many people are trying to find out the reason. The reasons may be different, but the fact remains that the project is rejected. I, too, have been in such situations and more than once. I know this feeling. And I want to share my experience.
The best medicine in such cases is a new project. Do not stop if you get rejected. Turn over this page and move on. Once you have submitted the project for approval, you have a few days to receive a response.
Use them to find inspiration for a new project. It helps me. Always helped.
Good luck.

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