Rejected videos - 3d rendered object on green background with alpha matte

Hi to everyone,

I need from a little help.
All my 3d rendered videos with moving objects on green background and added file with alpha matte was rejected.
Flying saucers, flying airplanes, bouncing soccer balls, opening doors, etc.
for example:

In all stock agencies like Shutterstock, Adobe Stock and Pond5 all these videos are accepted.
Is there any problem with this type of video on VideoHive?

Best regards.
Dimitar Marinov

Hi, sorry for your rejections. I think that the main reason is the average to low quality of the 3D in general, lighting, textures, motion, etc. Design is too basic, nothing outstanding. Maybe other agencies have different quality standards. On the other hand, if you mention other agencies like you did above, your post could probably be banned by moderators.
Good Luck!

Hi again,

The problem turned out to be an oversight on my part when I uploading the video.
I had forgotten to upload high quality preview image (2560x1440).
This is the reason for the rejections and has nothing to do with “the low quality of the 3D in general…”

All the best!