Rejected Typewriter Template

Hey guys, usually I don’t ask the forum on my rejected projects. I simply take my time and try to figure it out where I did go wrong and try to improve my projects for the future and to improve myself.

But somehow I just can’t let got rejection on this one. I made a typewriter template which reacts to a number of characters customer types automatically, it doesn’t matter if its one or twenty characters machine will react and update animation accordingly and sound effects as well.

It was a very difficult project with a lot of expressions involved and my mission was to create something what could be used in tv shows or youtube channels, anything related to history etc.

Could you please help me to improve my template. Do I need to add some camera movement, more scenes? My idea was to create a classic typewriter.

Thank you for your time :slight_smile:

Hi, sorry for the rejection! The project indeed seems very complex based on what you wrote. But I couldn’t realize any of that just from the promo video :smiley:

So the first mistake is in how you market and show off your template. Show that it can update automatically to any text (like quickly type out 20 texts from very short to very long paragraphs), with different text examples and text below saying what’s happening here. Now one could assume - oh it’s just a few different length animations of the text being typed with sound effects, ok. Without even realizing that it’s automatically adjusting everything to ANY text length and that it’s not just animation but a whole dynamic working system :smiley:

And second mistake, and probably the most important - focusing too much on a technicality, things updating automatically etc. From my limited experience here and other markets, I came to the conclusion that it’s most important to focus on originality, animation, design, diversity, and quantity. Those things will get you approved and will make the customers buy your product. The rest… it needs to work, but sometimes even the simplest solution is a really good solution :smiley: Even if it provides nearly zero flexibility. But again, the customers sometimes only buy your template for that one cool animation and design, not for the ability to completely remake it as they want, cause sometimes they only want exactly what they saw in the preview. And now what I saw in the preview definitely didn’t scream uniquenes, coolness, diversity or quantity.

What could scream all those things? Typewriter where in some scenes the camera fly’s into the 3D typewriter model and the paper just rolls in there, and then you start typing. Then in another scene maybe the type writer is able to circle out emojis, hearts, whatever. In another one, maybe the typewriter is falling and spills ink onto the paper. Then the ink effect reveals the text, instead of just typing it. In another version maybe it’s a horror typer, typing in blood, with blood still running from some letters. I know these sound crazy and unscriptable into very a customizable plugins, but maybe they don’t have to be. People would buy these just for the cool effects. And obviously, all of the effects would probably be more subtle and not so elaborate, given what you can do in a template, than what I described, but still pack enough of these unique styles, animations, different text designs and layouts and boom - you might get approved :smiley:

But now you spent all your time focusing on this amazing customizability, but in the end, all you see is the same typewriter animation with a few different length lines of text on the same paper, same lighting, same style, same boldness, same size, and even the same font! :smiley: Like it’s just a typewriter with nothing new, no variety, no innovations, no intricate designs or anything.

And I get that that’s what you wanted - a very customizable classic typewriter, but I’m not sure it can get approved on this marketplace at all nowadays, due to all the reasons above. But still, don’t throw out this project, instead, submit it to other more plugin functionality-oriented marketplace!

Best of luck! :wink:

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Hey, thank you so much for your answer. I will surely try to add something different to this template in the future and maybe try again. Regards :slight_smile: