Rejected Twice

My church App I wrote has been rejected, the first time I thought I was the documentation and I wrote the documentation and added it and It was rejected again can any Pro here helps me. If not I wont be able to spend time to write other ones.

That is the demo Link can some check and Tell me why pls. Thanks for your support.

What was the second reason for your Item being rejected? Was it for the Documentation again? If so, you will need to update it by following the guidelines of the Marketplace. Make sure you go trough all the steps the Reviewer has told you to fix.

i checked out your site. good work. sidebar contents not in order, check scripts on codecanyon they have some decent order.
Settings in ur app is not first preferense right ?
tables are not responsive so better use datatables(if you think). and i did not find reports in your application.
best of luck

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Thank you for your support I will check it again.

If I think I have report and you couldnt find it It seems they had the right to reject it I will work on them Again.