Rejected Tracks. Where do I have to improve?

Hello guys!

My first submissions have all been rejected (Reason: general commercial quality standard). I expected that, however, I’d like to know now where I have to improve… Whether it’s the composition, the instruments or mix/master.

These two have been rejected just today; both corporate-style.

Any kind of feedback is greatly appreciated and thanks in advance!

In my opinion, the biggest issue is that corporate niche is extremely competitive, too many tracks in it. You have to improve your quality, though. Try to write in different styles.

Hi! In the first track, one of the shortcomings in my opinion is the huge reverberation that creates too much white noise, I would also like to note that your staccato strings do not sound exactly as they should sound ( did not like). The second track: in my opinion in the first place here too many stand out the snare and clap, also the string legato sounds not naturally and also the string staccato do not sound very much, it is probably worth replacing them. Good luck!

Thanks to both of you for the feedback :wink:

Yeah, corporate is very competitive I guess. I actually try to learn and write as many different styles as possible. Corporate just seemed to be a good starting point for me.

I almost thought that these strings sound too odd. I can’t yet afford Kontakt or similar plugins/instruments so I tried some free VSTs that obviously didn’t do the trick. I’ll try to improve on my mix as well.

Thanks again and good luck!