rejected tracks possible reasons?



iv read almost everything about why would envato reject a track but thing is that even though i consider every possible reason i still cant understand why my tracks are rejected. maybe there is something about mix i guess? please someone help me. by the way this is my tracks:


I’ve already given a hear to your tracks and although they are quite fine for me maybe Audiojungle thinks something is a bit off with them . For example, in the first track the violin strokes are sounding a bit off from the rest of the mix like two separate things and I personally get the feeling they are kind of random in their velocity. Although they are in tempo they sound like if every stroke’s velocity is different from each other. Now for the second one I can’t sem to find a proper reason as to why is it being rejected.

Hope it helps :wink:



thanks for your advice and yea to be hones i don’t know much about how should violin sound. i use presets of session strings but in most of my tracks i didn’t even have a violin and they are rejected too i uploaded 7 tracks i work so hard and only thing i get is a rejection :frowning:


I can relate to that as well. I know sometimes it can be just plain hard to make something to work but just keep on trying and never doubt on seeking out for aditional advice from other people that you think they may help you out. :wink:



yea you are right it’s not fair excuse to give up.
so thank u very much. :wink:


What helped me here along my journey was to listen everday to new items. Choose your favourite genres and listen as often as possible. You wil get a feeling of what AudioJungle likes and you will be able to introduce it into your production workflow. Try to produce constantly! A came along here with 10 years of production experience and half of my items got rejected. In meanwhile I have had an 30 spree of approvals on my Exclusive account.
Additionaly said I think your tracks could need some transitions like winds and reversed crash.
Cheers StockBro


thanks stockbro and yea you are right i think i should listen to more audiojungle tracks to find out what my tracks should sound like. by the way could you recommend any decent VST for winds or reversed crashes? is there anything with that kind of presets ?


Hey Pls bear with me for being late!

Sure Vengeance Refx Sample Pack House Vol 2 has Rev. Crahses and Winds, Deep House has some nice Up and Downlifters too. In case that you use Nexus 2 VST look out for DR Demo Drums in the expansions. They often have up and downlifters, rev crashes, impacts etc.