Rejected Tracks, need advice!

Hi guys, my tracks were rejected. It would be much appreciated if you help me figure out what’s wrong these tracks?.

  1. Fun and Quirky :

  2. Be Grateful :

Hey there,

on the first listen the first tracks seemed rhythmical odd (while it is not really odd, I know!). Especially at 34 seconds the piano plays some notes, which somehow “seem odd” compared to the rest. Maybe too much rhythms in parallel accross the instruments. At 45 secs the violin sound a bit out of tune (at least I guess it would sound to most reviewers on AJ out of tune). Also the snap sound sounds to thin and very static to me. The other instruments have a nice acoustic sound, while the fingersnap just sounds like a single sample to me.

On the second track it seems rhythmical odd to me again, hehe. It seems likle you mixed up different feelings. Like you could not decide rather to have a swing feel or binary (I can hear both throughout your instruments). The general sound of the instruments sounds nice, I think.

Hope this help. Good luck! (=

Hey Tagirijus thanks for taking the time to listen and give your analysis. I recorded this with my mates who play piano and violin. We listened to the first track many times and trying to figure out on my DAW again but we couldn’t find any rhythmic problem as you mentioned because i found these tracks were set in triplet mode, 80-100% quantized and with C major scale. So i have no idea how it sounds out of tune as well?

About the finger snap sound, i agree with you. I used a single sample to act as a metronome except the other instruments played live and treated acoustically. I just think that this arrangement was perceived too artistic to the AJ reviewer. I’m not sure though the first track have been used on my local commercials, also sold on different libraries a few times and these clients seem fine with it.

With “rhythmically odd” I do not mean off technically or so. It just “feels” odd in a way. E.g. the triplets in the piano somehow work “against the other rhythms”, which musically is absolutely a cool think in my opinion! But I guess that AJ needs a slightly bit “simpler patterns”. At least this is my assumption, of course!

Regarding the “out of tune”, listen carefully at around 45/46 seconds. There is a VERY slight detuned sound, due to the note change probably. It’s not really out of tune in a scale sense, but a very tiny and short “sound”, only. To me it sounds rather natural, but here again: I assume that AJ needs (even in this level of detail) “cleaner” sound. I do not know for sure, though!

Another thing: maybe all the voices are “too polyphonic” with their rhythms or sound, in a way. I cannot describe it more detailed, sorry. Maybe you can relisten the track with this in mind: “how transparent do you can distinguish every single voice, which is playing?”. I am so sorry that I cannot describe it better and again: it’s just a personal assumption and I just want to help. :slight_smile:

Good luck though! Keep on trying!

Yep, Thanks mate. I’ll take note of your comments. I can hardly analyze the slightly out of tune thing because i see it as violinist phrasing. Anyway, when you say the rhythm is “too polyphonic”. That is true and probably the musical sentence AJ reviewer doesn’t like. alright …

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The first track is really beautiful but at some parts it really sounds like one thing is “fighting” against another rithmycally.
The second track it’s too perfect quantized, it feels like a computer is playing the song… it feels very strange and with no groove at all!

Edit: the mixes sounds great to me!

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