Rejected tracks, ideas

Rejected tracks.

In our team (yes a team) we have many years of experience in various fields, composition, recording, mixing, production and we have done very well. We still do not understand the causes of many rejections because it is still a subjective assessment. It would be good if the judges took into account before rejecting a track, who is being rejected, because if their line of work is consistent, the sales figures should justify a more benevolent treatment.

Being honest, what really matters is that the tracks sell well. We know many cases in the music business that are a disaster in any of the states of production and have been successful worldwide.

It is not about supporting mediocrity, but rather about not trying to impose criteria that will never be 100% universal.


Be benevolent with those who have exceeded a certain reasonable number of sales. We will never known which of the rejected tracks could have created an Elite author.