Rejected track.
Help me understand that to fix it, I’m new to this business. Want to learn how to write and mix your music. And with every deviation desire to disappear. Help
Sorry for my language I use Google translated

Hi, this is an experimental track, to stuff here all that is possible and 3 chord piano (false note), as well as non-standard drums in rhythm, mixing, as a non-profit, alas (

thank you. as learn how to write business drums?

About “Business drums” I Do not Know)). But mixing, not-for-profit standards. Look top authors

commercial drums

I can guess why they rejected it.

  1. The standard of music production / mix is not up to Envato standards.
    You must learn to mix your productions more precisely.

  2. The instruments used sound like low quality samples.
    The drums, bass and even the guitar. (Although they might be good samples mixed poorly)

Hope that helps! :smile:

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Thank you understand) I study, but would like to know in which direction to learn. Compression tools, reverb mix, balance, spatial processing. what?

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