Rejected track

Guys, can you tell me why track has been rejected? Need tips and feedbacks. Thank you!

Yaroslav, from my point of view, Your music track has no development in the first 30 seconds, and it is very important to the listener! The outro occurs suddenly and is monotonous…enliven and customize your arrangement! About mixing: turn down volume of additional instruments in the mix! Find a Lead instrument, that creates a melody instrument and highlight it!

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I think the sound of the synth is the biggest problem. Also at 1.20 some notes stand to much out.

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You’re absolutely right about notes at 01:20 but I did that deliberately to highlight divided strings section.

Watched webinar about rejections yesterday. They told about these 30 seconds important for buyers :slight_smile:
So what additional instruments I have to decrease?

I would have to decrease a legato string section and added a bass guitar at 1:12!!! But I would advise to work on new tracks and not to dwell on old!

It’s not even in the webinar! Imagine yourself as a buyer…you will be
interested to listen to every track market 1 minute???)))