Rejected Track

Hi, everybody! Please give feedback on this tracks. What do you think why it was rejected?

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Hi @Major_Rust!
I hear some phase problems in Epic Motivational. Low end is weak. Toms sound like from a rock kit, not epic percussion, and they are boring (playing the same thing whole track). Cymbal rolls are too loud. Too much mids in the second part.
All instruments (except guitar chords) in Uplifting Motivatoinal Positive Guitar sound cheap.

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Thank you for feedback.

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About Epic Motivational:

Orchestration is to much similar from beginning to the end. The toms are not the right tone for an epic track. You need huge sounding toms with a lot of ambience, low power and enough hi.

You need better sample libraries or/and better programming. Your staccato strings notes sound like the same sample repeating himself. You should avoid that absolutely because it make music sound fake and cheap. Not only that but it repeat with the same exact velocity.

You need more dynamics. You could start quieter and progressively get louder.

The sound is too narrow in the mid. It sounds a bit telephone like, harsh and messy. You get guitar, piano, horns, strings, choir all peaking around the same place in the mids. Your orchestra lack definition (hi mid and treble). I don’t know if you have double basses there but you should and make them a place for them in the bass part of the spectrum to be audible (you get a hole there). Each instrument or section needs its place in the spectrum to peak a bit (2-3 dBs) more than the others. They need enough definition and low end to not sound harsh and cheap too.

It sounds flat and distorted (too much brickwall limiting).

I hope it helps! :slight_smile:

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It’s a really good feadback! Thank you for your time!

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