rejected track

Hi everyone! Maybe you could help me! Last few times I have rejects and don’t understand why, here is one of my track and I wanted to ask you, maybe you could say what the problem. The track - “sad music box” and I was listening a lot of examples on audioijungle, and I didn’t get why :slight_smile: Maybe I don’t understand something. Maybe you could tell me some advices. Thank you for your time :black_heart:

Hi @dgalapita,
My track was also rejected with no re-submission allowed. I found this link very helpful with a 1 hour n 18 min video and a full page with very helpful info. I am sure this will help prevent you from making mistakes in your next track. If you follow the tips in the video, you should be able to make it.

Thank you!

It could be the mood change at 1:03.
Maybe you should have ended the track at that moment

Hi, excellent composition and arrangement. Too bad this track was rejected, I don’t get the reason either.