Rejected track

hello. My track was rejected .
I need your advice please rainbow

Hi there. It’s so hard to say why tracks get rejected.

I listened to your track twice, and it is a good quality recording and the guitar and bass playing are pretty good. From my perspective, however, it sounds maybe like a backing track, or a jam, rather than a complete musical composition, if that makes sense. That might be why it was rejected.

I was looking at another music site recently and they categorised their tracks in terms of the musical arc - quiet to loud, loud then quiet then loud, etc etc. Could you remix the track so it starts even more cut back and builds and builds, with a drop, then a compelling crescendo at the end.

Just a thought. I know nothing. Best of luck with all your projects.

Thank you so much)

Hello. I chated with support and me said that my track is hard rejected and advice me again to reach out to forums for some feedback on my project. Can you help me please to know the reason why my track is hard rejected. What should I improve . I absolutly can’t understand what is my mistake and what should i do that my track will be accepted.