Rejected Track, would love some feedback.


I had a hard rejection today (with the generic feedback), and it’s confused me as I feel this is one of my better and more commercial tracks. Any feedback would be very welcome:



Hi @IanFisherComposer , I think that the main reaon of rejection is because this track is too abstract, it builds too slow, that synth in delay has some weird noise and the beat is unclear. I really like artish music , and I like this track but this stock is not a place for that kind of music . Don’t get me wrong dude, I’m not the one who is making this rules.
I can’t find it right now, but there’s a article in the help centar that explains how you should compose your music for the purpose of stock market. Wish you the best dude !

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Thanks mate, feedback very much appreciated, and what you say makes sense.

I agree with @FankiMankizProductio - track is too abstract. Also pad that play from 0:02 very aggressive. If you want to create abstract music for AJ you need to listen works that uploaded to abstract/ experimental category to uderstand trend in this type of music. Good luck!

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HI @IanFisherComposer In my opinion that this work requires more balance and quality mastering, but you can still miss a serious but the balance with all the tools a bit weak , it’s not too reduced . And so, there are the makings !!! Delay and especially at work in my opinion not very good, but you try ) ) ) ) Good luck ) ) )

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Thanks, feedback very much appreciated!

Thanks for the feedback!

[ sorry for my english ]

I agree with previous comments. Too abstract. Quality of mix is mediocre. Track need more work and don’t fit to commercial/stock music standards yet.

Shame it didn’t get accepted - I really enjoyed listening to your track. Think most things have been covered, but for me, the rhythm got lost when the beat entered which could have posed a problem for the reviewers. is all your work ambient stuff?