Rejected track used in videohive project preview

Good day, Sirs!
I have the following situation.
I have an approved videohive project. In video preview I used the track which was on reviewing at the moment, but finally I got the hard reject. On my opinion the track is not bad and it’s suitable for selling, but had been compressed too much.
In this situation what can I do? Can I remaster the track and submit for review again? If not can I include the track into videohive project as bonus fo free? Or smth else?
Thank you.

P.S. Sorry for my English.

Hello! As far as I know you can re-upload a rejected track if you make big improvements to it. If it is just a mastering problem and the rejection message emphasises on that you could try to remaster the song and upload it again. Most of the times, a rejected track doesn’t have only mastering issues but other arrangements and melodic problems as well. Best wishes!

Hello! Thank you for comment.
Of course the rejection message was as always as hard rejection. I have no idea all reasons why reviewer declined it. I based on my vision only. So my question is - is it critical to resubmit track again after remastering taking in consideration that it used for videohive project preview?

You can use any track in your project. You can’t resubmit if you are just going to master.

Thank you.
Duly noted.