Rejected Track. Seeking advice. Thx!

Hi! I created this little loop track as my first an entry into AudioJungle. It was rejected, which is not a big surprise since I am new here. Now, I need to understand the reasoning so I can move forward with AudioJungle. Any advice would be appreciated.


Hey! I’m a beginner as well, but I think I can answer your question.

The track is too repetitive, there is no development. I think you did this on purpose since you mentioned “loop” in your post. If you want to create a loop, you should just upload the main unique part and not just repeat it many times. But it should be loop-ready which means that if you put the track on repeat, it gives you an illusion that you’re listening to a never ending track. For example:

Since you uploaded a track with length of 2:48, the reviewer expects a full track with a development meaning that there has to be many things changing in order to keep the listener interested and not bored.

Hey OvertSounds! Excellent feeback! Makes sense.
Thanks very much.

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