rejected track. please help to sort out

Hi, everyone! My track was rejected. And it’s realy sad to me. Can anyone help me to understand why it’s happend? Best whishes

Hi there, dunno what’s wrong, there is only soundcloud background and seems to be no track. :frowning:


also soundcloud reject the track? :joy:

Try this -> Soundcloud

:joy: I hope it’s not so bad

i like the track! good work :clap:

Hey @dinastrious

I took a listen and to my ears its a cool styled track but it has a bit too much dissonance and the ending is very intrusive sounding. Most zombie apocalypse tracks do have dissonance and aggressive style guitars but on a commercial level at Audiojungle, that doesn’t quite work.

While this track could work great in a apocalyptic setting, that keeps it narrowed to that specific audience whereas Audiojungle is all about how many places a track can be used, at least that is my opinion :slight_smile: I do like the track though! :smiley:

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WoW so much potential in this one. I like it a lot, rly. Seems like @AaronWildeMusic is right, AJ is kinda wrong place for such songs. I’d not trash it, it’s cool one, but commercial oriented audience like one on AJ would have a hard time to accept/use it. Try to push it on other unique/soundtrack oriented stocks, maybe you will have more luck there. And again your track isn’t bad, it is just not in place it should be. Just check some top works there, i bet you can make some very interesting commercial tracks. Luck on ya! :wink:

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Exactly! completely agree with @FireLast :smiley:

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Hey, that’s not a bad track. I just think the part of the song beginning at 1:13 could they find to “special” or not commercial enough for audiojungle. Perhaps you could work on that part since the beginning is good and not the problem in my eyes…:+1:

Thanks to all! It really helped me out. I’ll try to write more commercial track. Thanks again