Rejected track. Need some help


Dear community
I have this track and I thought that it was ok but it was rejected. Do u have any ideas to help me figure out why? Thanks very much.

When I listen to it now with a fresh head after a long pause I can hear that there’s too much delay and for instance bells are too loud. But what do u think?


Hey @EvergreenBay:

You’ve got a nice musical bed and arrangement to work with, but I think you’re right about the delay. Too wet, and the dotted 16th (?) doesn’t work too well, and at times seems unlocked from your host tempo.

Is there a snare? If so, it needs to pop out of the mix more.

Also, using a delayed harmonic patch for your main melody can be a bit hard on the ears. I think those patches work best when providing more subtle rhythmic beds.

Just my opinion, and good luck! :smiley:



Hi, I posted this theme yesterday in Friday so I think a lot of people missed it. So I want to ask you again to help me with your expert vision on this track. Please let me know if you can find more mistakes of production or composition in this audio.

Tnx a lot to everyone who helps me to grow up in this area! :slight_smile: