Rejected Track Need Advice

Hello Team,

I am looking for advice on where I can improve please, my track was rejected. Is it the mix? or the arrangement? I have other tracks that have been rejected. I felt good about this one so I chose this one for your review, still have no accepted tracks out of 4 songs I have submitted. Any advice or feedback is much appreciated. I submitted with this a 15 sec, 30 sec 60 sec and full version link here.

Much Appreciated

Isicon Music

Mine was also rejected, and the wording was so vague I don’t know what to even look at.

I’ve submitted worse to marketing companies and had it not only accepted and paid for, but had things rejected that actually met specific guidelines.

I’m sorry that $15000 in MIDI equipment means a hard pass on commercial quality grounds. I guess I’ll just keep with the harder sales. And it was 100% original, so I don’t know what their beef actually was.

How dare I try for something simpler, right?

I get an answer in 48 hours the other way, and usually one that’s a lot more specific than “it doesn’t meet with our commercial criteria, here’s a video” (and no, the video didn’t tell me a thing about what doesn’t meet the criteria… so far as I could tell, it was actually fine as it was).

Seriously, it’s not personal. It’s just that (like any platform where impersonal review occurs) people don’t really always know what they’re doing, had a bad day, got stressed out, and have a lot on their plate (all at once). But since it took them over 2 weeks to give me a hard pass, it’s really not worth the headache of submitting anything to AJ.

I’ve decided against other platforms for similar reasons. If you can’t give me specifics on what you mean, and there’s no means to ask, posting it here won’t give you an answer. I mean, I’ve had more feedback on SoundCloud than what I got here.

The review team always gives a vague response to all rejections.

You think waiting 2 weeks is bad, just imagine if they had to write an in depth description for each track that gets rejected. It would be months before we heard back from the reviewers.

Also a lot of rejections can’t be solved with a simple ‘this is the reason why it got rejected.’ It would be more like: ‘the mixing isn’t up to commercial standards’… and then the person would be like ‘well what does that mean’… and that would lead into a discussion of EQ and compression and layering, and before you know it Envato is tutoring the person on how to produce music. And since Envato is not a free tutoring service (no company provides this service for free) it’s unreasonable to expect this kind of response, especially given the huge number of tracks they review every day.

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Hi! Why isn’t the melody in the same key as the rest of the track? I don’t know if thats the only reason for rejection but its probably a major part of it.


Thank you for the reply, I was looking for input as to what I might do to improve and get my tracks accepted. It is frustrating but I am up for the challenge. Keep Creating



Thank you for your thoughts, I do agree with you I am not expecting personal feedback or tutoring from AJ, I am only looking for feedback from those of you who have got tracks accepted or other authors as to what works for them. I agree AJ would not have time to personalize their responses. I am only posting here at AJ’s suggestion to get feedback from other authors.



Thanks a million man, I did not even ever trip off that. I added the synth melody after the fact. This is the kind of feedback I was looking for, any thing else stand out to you like mix ? I will work on melody thanks, thats what I needed to hear.

This is not my style of music at all so take this with a grain of salt. I would have developed the track a bit more. Right now it’s a bit monotonous with one chord and one beat that builds the whole track, sounds like a drum loop and chord loop with the addition of a brass loop here and there. There is also a sound effect or synth sound in the background that gets annoying quite fast, I would get rid of that.
I would try to post your music here before you submit, to get feedback that may or may not improve your music.

Hi @ISICONMUSIC, despite the fact, that you’ve added the melody after the rejection (if i understood right), I really wonder how it can happen, that a melody is in a completely different key to the song and you did not noticed that, before you presenting your song. How do you added that melody? Did you play that on your keyboard during the song or was it someting prerecorded? Imagine, you had the chance for a re-review and uploaded the song in that state. That would lead immediately to the next rejection.
I would follow the hint of @Hyperprod and post the music here before uploading.

Much appreciated again, I will post here in the future first to get feedback.
Thank you so much for taking the time I will keep pushing till I get my tracks accepted.

No problem, good luck!

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Hello @Daydreamz-Studios, thanks for the input and support. What I meant to say was the melody was added after the track was created. I had the track sitting around and when I learned about stock music licensing. I thought I would submit it. The track was made as a Throwback hip hop instrumental, I was not sure if just the rhythm track would work even though its hip hop, so I added the synth leads, I am not a trained musician so I thought the synth worked, and nobody had ever mentioned anything different. Lots of hiphop gets away with one chord and a tight drum pattern with some unorthodox sounds here and there, I am still learning and growing and will use all your feedback and will plan on posting here first. I do appreciate all your feedback I am committed to learning and growing

much respect,

Isicon Music

Hi @ISICONMUSIC, no problem. We have a great community here and we always trying to help each other with hints and tips.
One hint - but it’s only my opinion: To use unorthodox melodies and sounds could be a way to get success in a genre. Nearly every musician who got success was trying to put the music in a different direction and left the common way of sound and coposition. But you’re here to produce stock music. In the most cases your customers searching for genre-typical tracks. Therefore it could be an obstacle if the song tends too unexpected in sound and composition. that doesn’t mean, that you should completely avoid to try new sounds and compositions, but if I was you, I would start with the common sound and music, growing my knowledge and expertise in composition and mixing. When you reached a satisfying level ant got more reliabilty, then try to start the unusual. One step by another.

Keep up you music work and good luck.


@Nocuela are you kidding? Have you read the whole thread and the reasons, why this track isn’t yet ready for the market? It’s your first post here and you blame envato. Nice introduction. Did you really understand, what quality of music a customer expects on a stock music market?

But anyway - welcome to the forum.