Rejected track in Christmas style. need feedback

Hi ti all. I wrote track in xmas style. but had a hard rejected. what is wrong here?


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Hi there! I like your melody and idea. But there goes my opinion, it’s only opinion and it is your choice to follow it or not. :wink: First of all that comes right on is your tempo. It’s sounds like super slow, even uncomfortable slow. Second add more instruments, like Orchestral bass-drums, timpani it will help, some reverse and forward cymbals, you know stuff like that. Shorten your track to make less repetitions. Maybe even some loops? Would be nice. Also check your effects probably want’s to add just a little bit more (don’t overdo) of reverb and other effects. Well i guess that’s all, got nothing to add. Try to enhance your track a bit. Good luck with it mate! :wink:

Also, Christmas was over ten days ago…