Rejected track i would love to hear your honest opinion, Thank you

Guys would you lend me your ears to help me understand why exactly was this rejected?
Thank you very much for your time :).

Things that popped into my head on first listen:

Uke sounds very static and stiff - couldn’t tell if this is what you were going for with the hard cutoffs but i think it lacks groove.

The bass is very overbearing when it kicks in… too much IMO.

The double kick before beat 3 is distracting and doesn’t work IMO, feels very stiff and doesn’t groove.

thank you very much for your feedback and time friend,
i would agree with you,
awesome :slight_smile:

In my opinion look at this.

1.Double kick
2.Bass sound
3.1:11 fx
4.1:21 organ-choir sound.