Rejected Track I need your Advice!

Hey Prods,

i need your help This is my second song now and it wasn’t accepted either. Any tips would be helpful to me as to what could be the cause. Mastering? Compressing? Song quality in itself ?? Reason: Quality standard not compatible.
Thanks for a tip

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Hi @Monkey_can_play ! I think your track looks like a minus to the song, it’s not really background music, and also too many melodies! Also there is a problem with the bass (that is, it buzzes, or bass is absent in places at all).

The main thing I noticed: The arrangement is unfinished, probably this arrangement presupposes the presence of vocals, and sounds like a non-independent and unfinished background audio track.
My thoughts.

I like your track but I agree with previous person. It feels like there are missing vocals. Plus, (in my opinion) at the 1:24 mark it sounds too much like “Every Morning” by Sugar Ray. Good luck!

The music is very good and, to my mind, quite well for Audio Jungle. But there are some minor bugs. The ending of the composition is not framed (just, for example, draw an accented tonic chord with all the instruments at the end). The second flaw is the stereo space. Why is the lead acoustic guitar not in the center but on the right, and the rhythm guitar in the center and right? There is more energy on the right side than on the left (pan the instruments correctly). Sorry for my English. Good luck!

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Honestly I don’t think the mix is the problem here. Sure we can nitpick some things here and there but to my ears the mix and mastering is fine. The two main problems I can see here are: 1) the track lacks a clearly defined structure, and 2) the heavy drums just don’t fit that well with the soft folk instruments.

Tracks like this need a clear beginning, middle, and end. Instead with this track you have the same drum beat throughout the whole thing while different instruments take turns playing 8 bar phrases. No real intro or outro either… the whole thing ends quite abruptly. Also in the middle you have a key change from major to minor which just seems really out of place.

As far as the percussion it sounds to me like your drums belong in a club edm track, not a laid back “farm” style folk song. The samples sound pretty good to me but they just don’t fit this style at all. Personally I would go with more acoustic sounding percussion.

So my main advice would be to study tracks that are already on the site and figure out what their structure is (what sections do they have and how many measures is each section). After doing this with a handful of tracks you will notice trends and patterns which you can use in your own songs. Also notice how almost all songs have continuity throughout with a consistent melody; it’s very rare to have a key change because it makes the track much less usable for the buyer.

In the end, always keep the buyer in mind… it’s tempting to do things that you might think are musically original or interesting but at the end of the day we’re making this music for them and it has to fit what they’re going to use it for.

Lose the main guitar lead.Is taking way too much space and it deviates the listening focal point towards song instead of the support. Its beyond its purpose. Stick with the second part. (from 50 sec - ish) . And loose the bridge part, also.It doesn’t do any good. The groove might seem nice but it doesn’t help either.Is a bit too electronic for the acoustic vibe of the track.Unless this was on purpose.The hats are way too loud in the mix and it slows down the vibe. Overall the track lacks movement, momentums, transitions (really important). Also the ending.Is way too sudden, abrupt. IMHO the track is not finished. Needs details, proper intro, outro, dynamic and tonal variations.
My 0,75.

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Thanks for so much feedback and honest opinions, I will take them to heart.
It would be great if you get a little criticism here before you upload it before it is rejected forever. There is also work involved in it.
Thanks again for all the answers.

@Monkey_can_play . Your track is not rejected forever.Is rejected in actual form.If you are changing the issues that leaded to the rejection it may be uploaded again.

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Hi dude, I just wanted to thank you for helping ppl, I learned too much from your comments, I learned also from other authors, but your comments are too useful.
Thank you.