rejected track!!! Help!

Hello friends! I was rejected by my track !!!
Please tell me what could be wrong?

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The track is not even bad for its style , most likely it is because of what rejected the monotony of the track , and the monotony of the drums !

Do you think that if I have a little variety of track that it can take?


As WildLion said, the track is a bit monotonous. But there are some more problems as well.

The track get’s really, really busy. There is way too much stuff going on, especially starting around 1:50. I actually had to check my other chrome tabs to make sure no other audio was accidentally playing, as I didn’t believe all of the sound was coming from just your song.

I’m also not sure which genre this is. It’s kind of a weird mix of pop and ambient and lounge and hip hop. Personally I’d try to make it fit just a tiny bit more into one of those more conventional boxes.

Good luck!


Thank you!

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