Rejected track, feedback appreciated

I am new to stock music writing, but wrote my first collection of tracks to test the waters and get a better idea of which tracks sell and which don’t. All of the first five tracks I submitted to AJ were rejected. While this is obviously disappointing, it shows me that AJ is a legitimate platform, which is encouraging.

This is one of the tracks that was rejected, intended to underscore a tragic documentary, for example:

I’ve browsed these forums and read the articles pertaining to production and composition requirements of AJ, and I believe I know which areas to improve (better instrument libraries, avoiding long intros, balancing volume and panning), and I know a good dose of trial and error will be the ultimate remedy… and I may avoid using strings until I can afford a decent string patch.

I would still like any input that you think could specifically help me improve on my next batch of tracks.

Thank you so much for taking time to listen, I very much appreciate it.

Michael Spicer