Rejected track - dramatic theme

Hi Everybody ! This track got rejected (commercial standards…). I would appreciate if you guys can give me some feedback. Thanks !!


The composition is caotic and the mix is insufficient, the choice of sounds is also incorrect.
My advice is to always compare your work to that of the most successful audiojungle’s composers.

I hope you don’t take it out on criticism :wink:

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Hi friend ! Thanks a lot for your feedback !
I thought about it, and i think you’re spot on !
What you say may not have applied if i was going for a different genre, but for audio jungle, your remarks are spot on.

Thanks again :wink:

Hey, since your feedback has been very helpful and accurate, do you mind giving me your opinion on another rejected track ? thanks a lot friend ! have a nice day :wink:

Hi there,

Great job! You have a really nice theme going at :56, but from :00 to :56 there isn’t a consistent theme to lead the listener through what should be a succession of variations on the (missing) theme. I would rewrite your initial piano theme to be a counterpart to that one, of the same significance and prominence, and use it to tie everything together.

Other than that, the mix could use some more atmosphere and a bit of punch, but don’t ask me how because I have no idea how to do it, lol.

  • Nathan
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Thanks for your feedback, Nathan ! :wink: