Rejected Track - Beach Theme

Good night, I’m still young here. I sent a song to the audiojungle, which was rejected. But in the email I received there was not much explanation of the reason for the rejection. Can anyone help me understand why it was rejected?

Thank you.

Hey CubeStudio! First of all, I love that spacey guitar sound of yours! Kind of reminds me of the warm tone of early Luna and Yo La Tengo. The arrangement is beautiful aswell.

If something could be improved in your track, and this is just my humble opinion, is the whole drums and percussion section. While the guitars are organic, intimate and warm, the kick, over reverberated clap, delayed stuff, chimes and so, sound quite digital and overproduced. I would work on the production of the actual sounds, look for more acoustic sounding and organic elements, or dosify the whole percussion section.

Apart from that, you aimed at a quite unconventional style, which is really cool and I totally stand for, but the reviewers can be picky when it comes to approve a non obviously commercial item. The category where you upload to is important, and so could be the name. By “On the beach” they may expect tropical, EDM tracks and not this super laid back relaxed piece you composed. Perhaps you could try with “Relaxed beach guitars” or something like that.

Anyway, I had a few drinks so you might want to ignore all of the above. Wanted to give you my point of view though.

Cheers and best of luck with your upcoming stuff!


This is 100% it for me as well. The guitars are BEAUTY but the rest of the track just doesn’t quite match up in terms of quality and groove and detracts from the whole thing unfortunately.

Get your percussion and drums in order, maybe give it a little more forward momentum as well and this is a great track.


You got me with that :smiley:

And i agree with the rest.

PD; Try to find your drums comparing with this one.


Hi there I think you should listen to the latest tracks to have an idea of the sound is wanted here, use tracks that you like as reference, I notice I got better mix when I import a track in my daw, I still got more than 50% of my uploads rejected but is a nice challenge

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Thanks guys.

I followed your recommendations and the music has now been approved.

Check how the final result was


I love a happy ending like this. Great track cubestudiocg. And excellent work from the rock stars who provided you the feedback! :tada:


Excellent! Sounds really great, congrats!