Rejected track - asking for advice

Hello everyone. This is my song which is unfortunatelly rejected :

I’ll be glad if you can listen and give me some advice.

What is wrong with this song? Composition? Mix? Lenght? Loudness? Title? Wrong category ?

I have more songs in a queue but maybe I should delete them and mix once again…

I’m confused.

Thank you for replies.

well, don’t place instruments so far left and right, especially the leading piano (it’s too far right)…

also, the electric guitar has too much high frequencies (in my opinion, it’s ‘cutting’ my ear) so you should EQ highest freqs out a bit…

when you think you are finished, listen to the tune on all of the speakers you can find (computer, laptop, car, TV, etc), and correct accordingly… if it sounds ok on most of the speakers it should be ready :slight_smile:

you have tons of mixing tutorials on the internet, watch them and learn… (also there is a webinar tomorrow: Webinar: The top rejection reasons in the Audio Jungle review process. (And how to avoid them!) maybe you should attend)

good luck

Thank you. How about loudness? I always do my best to make my songs as loud as possible but when I listen to others compositions here, they are extremely loud…Of course not all of them but most.

no problem… I think it’s loud enough… yes it’s called ‘the loudness war’ (google it), it’s just a trend, don’t worry about it (but make sure you don’t make it too loud) :smile:

Ok, so I have to work harder :slight_smile: thanks !

you are welcome… I also suggest that you listen to professionals’ tunes (not mine, I am not a pro) analyze and compare to your own work… that’s what I do

cheers :smiley:

I’ve noticed that many songs here, especially from corporate category have deep bass and aren’t very bright. They sound good on my monitors but on a typical stereo they are boomy…Everyone says that it should sound good enough on everything, so you know, sometimes I’m confused which song is good for reference track…

Mixing skills are important of course but as I can see luck is the crucial part here :wink:

or maybe stock and commercial music has different mixing rules :slight_smile: