Rejected track. Any ideas about it?

Hey guys! Today my track was rejected with comment: “This submission does not meet our general commercial production (sample quality/mixing/mastering) standard, unfortunately”. I can not guess why did it happen.

I made this track as slow hi-tech music with superb bewitching sound. Can you express any ideas why it was rejected? What is wrong with this track?

Your track seems to be ok for me…I think it’s very good for presentation projects. I don’t know about quality, because I listened on the phone. Maybe reviewer had a bad day…

hard to tell
It’s really great track in my opinion
Maybe it’s just the reviewer.

I don’t know man

Sounds fine to me.

Sounds really cool - kind of like Lorde meets 1980’s synths - my guess, reviewer having rough day :smile:

sound like a review error, really this track sound really great for me, a very use for comercial purpose

I think that bell like sound, and some others are over loud, maybe needs a bit of balancing levels

Maybe a “cleaner” kick sample would be better for this kind of sound, and lower the volume of the snare a bit, but we can nitpick every track on AJ.
I think this track is great, the reviewer probably made a mistake.

Thank you guys for feedback! I have received email from Envato. The rejection of the item was due to a review verification error. After changing the number of variations the track was accepted.

Would be glad for your comments!

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It’s good to hear that quality content was re-reviewed and approved)