Rejected Track. Any advice?

This track was rejected. Do you think it was mainly a mix and mastering issue or the music itself? Thanks!

I like the track, but it’s probably a little too different to fit in at AJ, definitely would have no problem getting it accepted on some of the other stocks though!

It’s’ a nice track but maybe the wide stereo synth is a little repetitive and the track is lacking a bit of identity. It’s hard to see where exactly it would fit, not quite corporate, not quite sci-fi, not romantic etc.

It’s a cool track! I like your style!. I think it’s a work with a very personal sound, from the start it calls my attention, I’m waiting what happens next… maybe curators think that this can distract attention.
I totally agree with @MidnightBlueMusic … maybe some melodic variations could be fine … about genres… I think it could be good for science, investigation… these delayed sounds… mmh… love them!
good luck!

Thanks for response! Yeah I’m thinking I’ll try it on Pond 5 or something instead.

Thanks! I’m gonna revisit the track with these notes and see where I might be able to make some changes. Much appreciated!

Thanks! Yeah I love delay. Gives such a cool energy I find.

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