Rejected TeleMedicine app due to quality standards. Please help 😔

I got my application rejected sadly after spending few months on it’s development. I actually don’t know any perticular reason for rejection whether it is code quality or graphics, it was rejected due to quality standard. I’ll attach here demo links of my apps, if someone can help me to understand why these apps rejected I’d really appreciate help. Thank you so much.

Also mail says that I can’t resubmit this item, if I understood correctly that I cannot resubmit this after improving it’s functionality and any quality issues.

test credentials - / Test@123

test credentials - / Test@123

The lack of content on all other pages feels unfinished

Generally the designs could be significantly more modern and styled

There is definitely a challenge around marketplace suitability - given the sensitivity of potential data etc. I cannot see why a professional organisation would use a stock / sub $100 solutions .v. the numerous purpose built and advanced systems out there.

How does it know what availability the Dr has? Presumably either this info has to be manually updated on an ongoing basis, or the practice has to entirely adopt this and only this as a solution for their booking, or this has to somehow be connected to a practice calendar/info.

That raises all sorts of issues given the potential mix of software different practices could use, or else the significant manual work involved in managing the information, let alone what business procurement will think of a stock solution.