Rejected Soundtrack, what could be wrong?

I do not know if it can be the Guitar Delay solo …:thought_balloon:
The mixing …
can anybody help me ?:thought_balloon:
This track was rejected :confused:


I think when should be the peak of fame , but it is not , there is no fat in the middle of the track )

Hi again. Would agree with Lion, but arrangement wasn’t the problem right? Nah, guitar delays is just fine, just as needed heh.
That bells on 0:39 and on other times that playing similar notes are a bit too loud for shitty dynamics.
Other than that nothing to point i guess. Overall nice track as usual. :joy: :sob:

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Today I’m going to work the bells better, I think that may be it …
Thank you FireLast! :wink:

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I also did not understand the rejection "WildLion_Production"
But I’ll try to improve the track …
I really liked this Soundtrack that I did …
Can be a great sale! :moneybag::moneybag::moneybag:

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New Version
remixed !

I liked the new, more definite Timbre.
4 Versions :smiley::kissing_smiling_eyes:
4 Versions :kissing_smiling_eyes::smiley: