Rejected song, must be 30 sec or more, is this a new rule?

Hey Everyone!

I just had a song rejected for being under 30 seconds, however I have other songs live that are under 30 seconds. So what is it? I feel that the worst part about all the the people who approve items is that there’s zero consistency. Where is the rule that says anything under 30 seconds is not considered a song? (I tried finding it) For reference it is a short old nursery rhyme take of mine, so it is a song but does not go for long.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi SDE, AudioJungle generally considers submissions of a music box playing a tune as a Sound Effect, when there is a notably marked instance of effects on the submission, e.g. music box opening, crank, clicking, etc. That’s why the submission could not be accepted to the music category, and not because of the length.

So your submission was processed correctly, but unfortunately a review system communications error happened which provided you with an incorrect explanation, so it’s understandable if it was confusing.

That said, music submissions under 30 seconds may be moved to Idents/Logos if they are quite short (under ~25 secs) and/or if they don’t loop seamlessly.

Otherwise, short music submissions around 25+ seconds in length may be accepted in the Music category, if they are deemed to be a good fit for a general TV advert, which are usually 30 seconds long.

Hope that clarifies things, thanks.


Thanks for taking the time to reply, can you link me to where all this information is listed on Audio Jungle? I was unable to find the rules you are stating and I want to make sure I don’t run into issues on my future submissions. I’m sure you can understand my frustration, there seems to be little logical execution of “best practices” within the organization. With a company employing under 250 people it shouldn’t be hard to get every reviewer on the same page to understand submission rules, unless they are outsourcing it.

Thanks again,