rejected. so... should i rework it or move it to the trash? your opinion =)

wanted to create somethink short and simple. may be this is too simple or its totally crap?
or maybe problem with scenario (options) that i’ve prepared and it’s not good for real estate? =)

Tnank you!

Hi St_Denis,

perhaps you could change the subject to make wedding invitation .

For the rest you can change the way it position itself, it could be softer.

& Leave the possibility to the users to change the different frameworks of the picture :slight_smile:

now thay can change number of images (1 - 6), remove opener or final page (with phone) and basicaly change the duration of video in this way (10-40 sec), remove text blocks and labels, there is a different kinds of animation (you see the real physics style)… may be i should render preview with soften style =)…
will try to change subject and will make some upgrades (switcher of frameworks etc.)
Thank you!

to submit some out of the box thinking here. what about you use that as freebie to promote your envato portfolio and your other files :slight_smile:

St Denis… I think it is good… just needs to be more dynamic.

Opening logo… you have 2 leafs. (folds) make it a multple… many.

The way the images come on from the bottom seems a little flat. perhaps better to have them come in
from full screen and land softly… something like Minimalabs’s "Minimal Corp - Corporate Video Package"
the 3rd set of images… the way the “kid holding the globe” flies in.
Just my thoughts… not sure if they are right.