Rejected Site Template

I made a very minimal site “under construction” template with a countdown, made 8 variations to make it easier for those wanting to use it. There was only really 4 versions of the theme but 8 with the color changes applied to each variation…

anyway… So It’s my first ever upload, I set the total cost to the buyer at $9 which is extremely cheap, and based on how much time I’d spent on it.

I am just curious, the link to the demo is here:

why this would have been rejected based on “quality”? I am also unable to resubmit which if I spend more time on making it have more features etc… why could I not resubmit?


You can compare the newly launched products in site template category with your product. Check the newest product launched and create something like that ( not copying ). Pricing is not a issue you can set any price, it’s up to you.


There’s not enough premium functionality for what is a crowded category.

Appreciate there is only so much anyone can do with a coming soon template - there still has to be something to it in terms of design and/or features that is beyond what a buyer could find for free online


Thanks for the response. It is definitely too basic compared to what you can get for the same price on themeforest. I was just shocked to get it hard rejected! Thought they would give me a chance to add features but I get it is far too basic for a paid product!

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