Rejected PSD :(


I got rejected after 9 days of waiting




Any idea to help me :frowning:


nothing ? : (


It Seems a good Template. Hard to say what is the problem talking about Design. Probably Reason is because your theme is very similar to other existing themes and it does not bring anything new or unique. Work hard and try to make something new, not seen, but be careful: in the same time don’t be too different :smile:

Good Luck! :four_leaf_clover:


Thanks for replying, But if that was the case why wont the reviewer said so ? he could have said “it’s similar to others” instead of that old hard rejection message.
But thanks so much I will take your advice, and good luck to you too :+1:


They don’t care to explain “why” for rejection…and it’s also because they wants people to grow up with a tenacious attitude I think… So Go Straight, Be Strong and accept rejections in the best positive way…find errors and reasons where you think there are not… :wink:


Yeah I guess you’re right, espacily with these days the review time increased they wont have time to explain for each person

All right I wont give up, I’ll try to work something out, but in the mean time please if anyone has noticed something wrong with the design please please let me know

Thanks again @ade_concept :grin:


anybody else !


Its very good, maybe lacks on creativity for PSD category.


I just want to know if I’m having mistakes and errors in my design, if not & they want some creative ideas then I will think of something. The important note is to find out why it’s been rejected Thank you so much @EnergyThemes :+1:


For me, this type of designs are already common. I think that’s the very reason why they reject it. Overall, designs are good.


@hasyi so you too think the same thing, ammm :confused: all right thank you so much


hi buddy, well as for me this is perfectly clean and pro and i seen reason for possible rejections apart from copyright issues. Some guys may say that this is too simple or too close from other existing things. Maybe they are right but according to me this is clean and pro and that’s already good enough to sell , from where i sit. Besides, as for me , u have all the reasons in the world to be frustatred, because many items which are not any better get accepted on regular basis, when they are not more revolutionary than yours and which are also not better visually too … , maybe no luck at the reviewing step … what else can we say?


lol i hope that this is not what happens lol because let’s face it, internet has become stale , all sites look like each other and so on with the “portal like” format and creativity has died in the process, now, that’s all about technique and websites are weak visually and creatively down in most cases


I am pissed off now, I had time to think about this, and the thing that pisses me off is the fact those designs which got accepted just because the authors have existing items before! it’s not fair. maybe I’m wrong but I can’t put links here.
I wish if the reviewer was more clear
I’m now more confused than before on why it was rejected :disappointed:


@mamak24 Design quality looks good, but imho reason for rejection may be there so many designs out there in marketplace and reviewers may be looking for some unique concept/elements/design. I would suggest you to add some new elements to your design and resubmit it for review. Best of luck :smile:


i personally do agree with u and this is crystal clear that such a saturation means selection and rejections, but , if we can understand and identify just that, why are those flat and workless items that we all see go through sometimes get approved then? and to another extent, why , with an equal quality, or maybe sometimes even better , do some guys make it and so do not? let’s face it there are some inconsistencies in this system , that’s what it basically means … . besides, u can see this about quality on regular basis, but sometimes with other things as well, as for me i have been through multiple soft rejections for supposedly using too sexual models or these sorts of things and i get soft rejected very often for using a bra or a swimsuit … when i have seen up to naked girls included in the previews and the items could go through all the same , today also, no offense for the concerned authors because his work is good, there was one accepted with a girl not wearing sexy out fit, but she was licking two of her fingers joined together as if she had a D*ck in front of her face and was licking it …, so basically , there are flaws in the system …

some guys have been claiming for a raise of standards , but lt.‘s face it, the last time it did happen, rejections greatly increased from what i could identify but the same good ol’ flat and poor quality items continued to go through … besides that’s how u end u with a handful of guys hang exclusively this in their portfolio, now, maybe that was a greta thing that they let half of them go through since they embettered and produce fairer creations … but what can the guys who have better quality items rejected can say about it? i am not sure that they find this fair …


yes u are right so what about the thousands of lookalike designs which have been and are still accepted in the same style lol this is sad to com to the conclusion, but internet , by that i mean website, has become a tool for technicians and the design is more and more nowhere to be found … i do not mean to criticize anyone but the kind of style that all these technologies make us get into is a portal style, with little variations and very little design interest in most cases … at least in terms of aesthetics as for ergonomic issues, this is good


@n2n44, Envato aim for professionalism and following nowadays trend. There are reasons why they reject a submission. If I were one of the review staff, I have not one but many item reviews to be accepted or rejected. So if a design is so common like the others, I would think “Oh, it’s the same design again. It’s good, but concept is too common.” You get this feeling of commonness and tend to reject them. Now if your item is so unique, of course I would think “Oh, this is new and interesting. Not like the others.” and would gladly accepted it.

Plus, it is not the end of the world if your item get rejected. You can go to other marketplace and sell your items there.

Also, don’t blame the reviewers if your items are rejected because there are many reviewers in Envato. Each have different principle (though I do believe they have set a standard in reviewing items.)

I hope that make you get a clear thinking of what my point is.


i do agree with u buddy, all the way, now , please tell me how they have let a handful of guys overflow the market with submitting the same thing over and over again and saturate the market this way (with the same style, same filter, same colors, same disposition and so on and so forth) … and please also explain to me why they are likely to push to adapt some trends , like font exclusively based items for instance, when they have a lot of guys doing so and offering tons of works this way , already … it seems to me that if they are aiming at what u said, then they are somehow some way doing the otter way around …

in addition, how can u ask a guy who has the same style as another and not any lower quality, accept the fact that the other guy will get accepted , when he personally doesn’t … i think that this is hard to swallow for all guys

as for what u said, if could read what i was writing , i have never blamed reviewers … and use to mention about how they are having all sorts of different things from one to another (experience, expertise (i mean by that the category that they like best and are more proficient in), expectations, tastes idea of what our work is all about , location and so on, what obviously means that this is difficult to have a coherent policy in the end … . Reviewers are not to blame (especially that i assume that they do not get such a humongous pay so that they have time to try to have a general overview of what they accept and reject daily and try to refine what is done) but the global policy is , as this is the duty of envato to clearly depict what is acceptable and what is not and some of the things that they did was not good for the business, for them and for us, and especially for us who try to bring something different from what the other offer … .

As for reviewing, i think that apart from some very weird discrepancies between what is acceptable to not (with big discrepancies between the different categories too), the system can be blamed as we have got into a unreasonably completely aberrant puritan policy, now. Let’s face it, many club owners are certainly not expecting to have flyer preview with girls being dressed as nuns (what had been confirmed in the previous forum by the way, by a buyer expressing himself at the time), so that would be great to let us display sexy things - don’t get me wrong not vulgar or offensive kinds of models - without we are soft rejected all the time and so on … until we use almost lookalike nuns in th previews of our flyers … .

I also use to mention about what u said, but let’s face it, sometimes if u get rejected and u belong to some categories, like flyers for instance, the number of other marketplaces and limited and some require that u are accept din the first place , while the other do not sell anything , which basically means that u take the work and the time that u invested and dump in the trashcan as u cannot another place for u to have a chance to sell your stuff …

rejections are more and more numerous due to the still growing number of authors and items but when the standard is raised, the same good ol’ flat and poor things still go through , which basically means that something is not really working so well … . Besides, to a certain extent, browse among the pages of submissions and u’ll realize that either these flat or not unique items make a lot of sales sometimes and that some very poor ones, have sometimes way bigger sales than the far better ones. the conclusion of this is that there’s a potential purchasing basis for all, even for the most unintesretng items and that what makes a difference, unfortunately, most of the time is not quality but exposure and the capacity of people to promote their items …


All right guys thank you so much, I think I know what to do now, It was helpful again reading your thoughts cus now I know where I’m standing