Rejected Project

Hello dear friends
Hope you are fine and doing great, I just wanted to know your opinion about my latest project that got rejected, I really that project and worked hard to make it

Hi. I think your project was rejected mostly because there are way too many of these simple shapes logos already on Videohive. We can talk about design, motion, etc, but if you’re going to upload these kind of works you need to make something really new and outstanding to get an approval.
Good luck! :+1:

Thank you for your response I really appreciate it, you are right about simple shape projects but are they all same? and simply doesn’t mean ugly, I searched and I couldn’t find something similar to my project maybe I missed it, but there is so many logos reveals there and they are basically the same (creating the logo as outline, camera zoom out and the logo as 3D)
but after all, I will try to do my best and make something that really the market wants it.

Totally agree. I meant “simple” like simple geometric shapes: circles, triangles, dots, lines, etc, not ugly at all.

Exactly, there are too many of everything right now on Videohive, really big competition, that’s why all we can do as authors is making projects with the best possible quality to get them approved.

Cool! :+1:

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