Rejected Project. what can I do?

Dear Authors,
please help to find the rejection reasons

hey. usually for professional presentations videos you would use a neutral tone for backgrounds. Usually Iā€™d go with a slightly greyed out white, or a very light blue. Any color you use would have to be very desaturated either way. Cause the way it is now, the color is too strong fo the background and it takes away attention from the items you want to present.

Also for the backround try to add some slight looped animation of some sort. In this case it couldve been some slow moving clouds or something. Just an idea


Thanks! for your review sir

THIS!!! THIS IS EXACTLY THE PROBLEM WITH THIS SITE!! You can tell the reviewers have NO FRIGGIN CLUE how TV production works. There is soooooooooo much RIGHT about this project! I would guess based on the text placeholders that this project comes from a place of experience, correct? Somebody need to send the envato team to TV Commercial school for a few years so they can get their heads out of their butts.

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