Rejected project logo

Hi there, can somebody help? Rejected logo is in atachment. Why is it rejected? Thanks for answers

You are far far away from what a logo means nowadays. Learn the basics of graphic design.

Thank you for answer, LOL, :). I know becouse i rejected, please if you know some basics course, or some course where i can learn requirements and quality of design for envato. That i can be approved. This my logo is cute for me, but i suppose that i must do more improvements but i dont know in which direction to start to learn. Thank you for answer

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hi I think that there is a lot to say as regard to this logo. First of all , the thing is that in most cases people are more likely to look for something more subtil and less drawn. At the moment , what u have is more likely a clipart of some sort than a real logo … nowadays most of the logos are indeed, more “abstract” and they are made ouf effusing the pathfinder a lot. Lots of logo designers are massively using the fact of substracting shapes from other shapes indeed. Most importantly again, even if we could what u have done as a “logo” in fact that would be like a custom logo rather than an actual logo template indeed. In this category this is not done to “intertwine” illustration and texts … they should not bye superposed either … I guess that u did not fail to notice that putting both part on each other amounts to having a text part very difficult to read and not popping out at all. it’s never been advised to put a text on a complex background actually but this is even worse when it comes to logos. Moreover, the choice of colors is not the best one that u may have had to say the least … , this is one of the reasons of the lack of contrast and impact and the combination of yellow and orange is simply not working at all … if I were u I would rather stick to complementary colors or theme colors , they are usually a safe choice , as safe as it gets so that u can avoid wrong color combinations indeed. Otherwise, as far as the typo goes, this is super flat and I assume that people here are expecting for a touch of originality and that u can bring something good and new to the table

Thank you for your comment, it means a lot to me. I see more and more flaws, and I’m trying to improve the design. Feel free to send me links to useful tutorials. Thank you very much!

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Thank you for link, I’m trying to improve the design. Feel free to send me links to useful tutorials. Thank you very much, this tut is amazing for me!