Rejected Problem

Why this flyer was rejected? Please tell me something about this.

Overall is too generic and the typography and hierarchy need improvements.

Thank You for your feedback.

hi I think that u have a lot of white spaces and that this is inequally dispatched on the canvas. Otherwise, it seems to me that the flyer is very “raw” at this stage and it would take way more attention , details to be brought, originalities to be added so that this is item gets to the next level and becomes far more attractive for everyone. Most of the shapes that u are using are plain color ones, so that people may not have the feeling or getting “extra value” but just a rather clean simple item. I assume that this is decreasing the commercial potential of the item. People may more easily find such things for download over the internet. I may also add that , though I like the color combination overall, this is not really great either for contrast and for hierarchy of information purposes indeed. Look, “business”, “creative” and so on are part of titles and they actually are not that visible and definitely do not pop out. As for the background , this is also super plain and I tend to believe that people would like to have something a bit worked out for that matter. I would also recommend increasing the logo and the space dedicated to it, the brand is something crucial for a corporate template