Rejected piece for feedback

Hey guys, I have been having a bit of trouble tailoring my music to fit AudioJungle’s library and was wondering if I could get a bit of help.

Here is a track I uploaded recently that was hard rejected.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi John
I have had several tracks hard rejected, and with no feedback offered, its tough to work out what went wrong. in my case listening with fresh ears I noted that my mix balance was not good, so back to the drawing board. Your track has real potential, and is not too long , and as such I did want to get to your musical motif and energy a bit quicker than I did. In addition to this the arrangement didn’t seem to build very much and I felt like it moved along the runway but never quite took off. The style you have written in is very common to Envato so there is a ton of tracks that you are up against. Look for the folks who are making the most sales and securing awards, and browse through their portfolio (especially those who write in the genre you wish to upload) listen to their arrangements, sonic quality, creative ideas and any unexpected twists and ear candy,…then go do one yourself! Please don’t be discouraged, remember the old adage…“if at first you don’t succeed…etc etc”

Hey Dynamite!
Listening with “fresh ears” - did you think there was anything in this track that could also be balanced a bit better?

Thanks for taking the time to respond and give feedback :slight_smile:

Hi bro
The balance in the mix sounded OK to me, it was the lack of creativity in the melody and arrangement that may have been the let down here…you are close, but the competition is hot!