rejected piano-track "this item does not meet the general commercial quality standard"


Please help me understand the reasons for the refusal.
Official reason: “this item does not meet the general commercial quality standard”.
What’s wrong? Too wooden piano? Track too long? Is there something wrong with the volume?
I will be glad to comments, criticize and advise, because it is important for me to understand what mistakes I have.

Thank you more for your attention!

  • You need to work more in the mix and the master.
  • There is something strange in the release.
  • Sounds too robotic.
  • The track is very long.
  • It sounds like a jam session.

I hope this can help.


Maybe there is also too much reverb. I can second the points from @Manriquedelara :

  • Regarding mix and master, I am not sure, what could be changed.
  • Robotic sound: work with more dynamics. Like it is now it sounds like you simply clicked in notes on the same velocity throughout the whole piece (almost at least). I would try to vary more, even on short phrases.
  • Too long: yes. Think like you were the client. How and where could you use it? Also the “parts” have a weird connection. Like you stopped playing and suddenly continued. Like there is no real connection. Try to connect such parts musically (with melody or harmony, etc.).

Hope my additional feedback might help. Good luck. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the answer. You certainly helped me. I didn’t quite understandwhat exactly you meant by “the mix and the master”. Perhaps you meant in which direction I should work more and what to pay more attention to. Thanks!

Thanks so much for the detailed answer. You really helped me with your opinion from the outside. I will try to take into account my mistakes.
Have a nice day!

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Dear colleagues, I don’t think I’m expert enough to comment, but I would like to ask experienced colleagues what do you think about modulation in compositions like this? Is it passing?

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