Rejected or accepted?



I make a logo drawn a dog beagle icon for seller I not think that accepted it, regards.


also please help me I need upload my logo for sell, NOT ARE BAD PLEASE :’(


In my opinion the dog image is still too complicated in both versions, I would push simplicity a little forward on this one.



I need choose one this image for approvech seller.


Yeah, for a dog illustration, I’d say there’s either too much detail or not enough (leaning towards too much though when it comes to a logo), he’s standing funny and the black bit at the back looks out of place… like it’s some kind of armoured tail plate for going into battle. Apart from that, it’s nice enough.


Yessssssss I understand you, I make it but my idea for beagle drawn as kids :slight_smile: thankssssssss


Now yes? Do I can upload my logo seller?


It’s better. I’m no graphic designer, but I think it still needs to be a bit less detailed if it’s going to be used as a logo. You need to imagine how it will look if it’s 50% or 25% of the size it is here, I guess.

If it was me, I’d cut down on the beard, have three or four dots rather than eight of whatever. I’d make the eyes less beady, the mouth a bit bigger, give him a thicker more defined outline (including the separate toes), make the knee spots bigger and offset them a bit, make the collar bigger and make him a bit fatter for increased cuteness levels.

As I say, I’m no Illustratorer though, so consult a design doctor before taking my advice.

Oh, and for the company name, you should invent some fake company so people can better imagine what it can be used for, kind of see it in action as it were… so a vets, dog training school or a pet grooming service would work. Not a massive thing, and it’s unlikely it will make much difference to getting approved, but I think it helps with a ‘real life’ example, rather than a kind of ‘your text here’ approach. Not sure “DogBeadle Company Slogan” is working for you at the moment.

Barking Mad: Obedience Classes
Tidy Hound: Pet Grooming
Hell Hounds: Pet Exorcisms

etc etc


I loveeeeee your idea, I make and update here forum thanks, you wait any moment :slight_smile:


It’s better or not? :smiley:


Not really. I don’t recall anyone advising that you should add glasses and a beard to your dog, who has recently taken up smoking! Although it;s your dog, so I guess you can do whatever you want.

You’ve got to think of your target audience and your potential market though. Having a dog in your logo is niche enough… but having a smoking dog that wears glasses and has a beard, is really going to narrow down your potential customers. Probably best to drop those elements.


some wrong again?


this one is definitely way better than the others and i personally would accept it as it is , even if , this is true that u put it a very low size, this is appearing that indeed, u should increase slightly the name of the brand so that it gets better proportioned if u wish … . But, here , i am still afraid that they reject your work all the same, because they will be rather likely to believe that this is too detailed … . What is sad is that this is breaking creativity a bit as logos, are normally part of a corporate identity and brand which have a modified version for the very low sizes are not scarce …


this one doesn’t purely look like a logo, especially the first one which is the cutes one indeed but this is also the better looking one visually … . The first one, by the way could be submitted as an illustration indeed … for me, the second one is really too much in between an illustration and a logo and this is either too detailed to be a logo or not enough worked out to be an illustration in my view


you are right on the other end, with a bit rework it could make something a bit more trendy with a sort of stronger concept also , too … but it takes additional work for this …


for me the problem is that the beard is not well executed enough in this case, it looks strange to have it cut in the sideway


I think that rejected because personally I not am nice drawn my hand :(, I need my idea make new other logo as CREATIVE


very good idea for the name :wink:


it needs more work or it will get rejected, well I never submitted a logo here but I think the standards for logos are higher… if it’s for kids or not, the lines need to be more defined, the logo needs to be more unique in a way… but not by adding a mustache, glasses and a cigarette (which was hilarious to be honest :smiley:) and what’s up with the hair on his head?

I designed a few dozen logos, and if I was the reviewer I would hard reject this definetely.


I not am profesional the designs, I am student design graphic in university but not finish my student, I need learn more my designs in my university I will to rejected my logos thanks for all help me :slight_smile: I not know very good in envato