Rejected on multiple occasions

Hi Audiojungle,

My tracks have all been rejected with only one sound effect getting accepted. I feel my latest track is my best Audiojungle submission and competes to a reasonable with other tracks. Would you be able to listen to it and give me some constructive criticism? I uploaded it to Soundcloud after it was rejected.



I think that’s a bad choice of sounds , and too much high frequencies . For comparison, something to aim for , here’s an example below :point_down:

Hi WildLion_Production,

I’ve listened to that before and I’m not expecting my tracks to be as good as that. Really, that track is as good as it gets. However, there are tracks of a lower standard with way less sales that I feel mine can compete with. I do see what you mean about the higher frequency thing.


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Yes , and now review the tracks became even more demanding !

First of all, your track is very nice, i like it a lot. Catchy and fun. Well, i guess i will agree with Lion about high freq. When you about to mix volume levels next time keep in mind that high frequencies sound much louder on cheap hi-fi devices, so that’s why some mixes here can sound very strange. Other than that i see no problem in here, they should have been soft reject it tbh. I think you should reup it after some mixing, it’s worth a shot, i think. Anyway good luck mate! :wink:

Mix sounds good to me, but am I hearing weird distorted reverb from the snare drum? prominent at beginning? This alone could warrant a reject. Sounds like the snare wires decided to turn 8-bit on the decay, but probably just a cheap plate/spring reverb? Doesn’t suit the track, IMO. It doesn’t really stand out on the rest of the track, but the first two measures with just drums and claps it is quite noticeable.

As far as high frequency sound, a lot of the mixes on this site sound too bass-heavy/muffled to me. Maybe that comes through better on cheap headphones, but through my equipment that kind of mix style doesn’t sound great. I think in most applications outside of Audio Jungle, people prefer a more “mid” sound, but here everyone goes nuts for low/low-mid frequencies. That being said, I would have brought up the bass slightly in the mix, and the bass sound also sounds a bit canned. But these are quibbles - I wouldn’t have rejected the track for the mix, but for the weird reverb.

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Great work, basically.

The four points, that might be the cause of rejection IMO, in order of relevance :slight_smile: :

  1. The sound of the claps is a bit muffled and weak, and sounds like some samples are hard panned left and some are hard panned right. I’d fix that with some EQ and reverb, and then accommodate them more consistently in the sound stage. Maybe you could work with more claps at the same time to make them sound a bit fatter. Also, you could try going with a simple straight rhythm with the claps. Don’t overthink patterns. :slight_smile:

  2. Definitely place an ending chord to the end, now it sounds pretty much out of the blue.

  3. The break-down part in the middle is not arranged well. I’d leave the drum and bass only part out and go for ukulele and claps only, with lower velocity kick drums maybe. Then progress with the keys and then the full mix again.

  4. Don’t use these keys in solo. They sit really well in the mix, they are a very nice choice for that, but in solo they sound awkwardly midi-ish.

These are not big things, shouldn’t take much work to fix them.