Rejected nice vintage designs- Reason? - Anybody?

Hello all, hello Envato,

I have try to put something on sale, I receive a rejected note, and it said something like that…“visit help”.
In help there is nothing that said to me a reason why my vectors was rejected.
It is not amateur staff, it’s a lot of hard work in making something like that, I made them manually and I want to sell it.Please anyone tell me whats wrong with my designs, to understand.
I work in glass design, I work with stained glass and sandblasted glass, etching glass and I made those designs. I had many designs like that and I want to sell them to world.There are not copy, I made all mysels manually.Please tell me understand the rejection to make it work next time.
So far I really don’t understand. Am I want to sell this in a wrong place?
Thank you so much