Rejected news - FAKE!

OK, here we go - another track for you very kind people to give your critique. I do appreciate all your comments.

I got a soft reject on this one because I had forgot to list the multiple tracks in the description. The message said just do that, don’t re-upload the files, ‘they’re fine’.

I thought, great, at last, I’ll sort the description and blast off!


Next message whacked me in my already-bruised plums:

“Unfortunately it was only able to be fully auditioned once you have made all the technical corrections, and after a full team review it was determined that too many aspects of the arrangement and/or production do not meet the general commercial utility standard required to be accepted.”

(As an aside, gripe, at the bottom of the original message there’s a “P.S.* The team have invested considerable time in reviewing and providing feedback on your submission. If we feel that you have not invested enough time in making the required changes…” bla bla i.e. please don’t waste our time. Loving the irony in that one.)

So… opinions would be gratefully received.

Also bear in mind, that this track is called ‘Fake News’ and the description lists it as an over-dramatic parody of hard-hitting news (hence the crude perfect fourths intro and bashful horns etc).

Come on, give me to me people…I’m ready.

Maybe timpanis conflicts in bass register at 0:37, if their tones are less than 1 octave (i.e. too close to the bass or the kick). But the rest is very nice work, in comparison with many I’ve heard among rejected.

Thanks for your input, much appreciated :slight_smile:

Sounds a bit harsh but well done.

There are issues with the alignment of the brass/winds and the percussive hits. The brass/wind attacks seem late throughout. In addition, there are places in the arrangement where these hits and brass/winds are not attacking in sync purposely.

I would suggest aligning these attacks throughout. The percussion line is driving this track. Make sure all the other parts are perfectly aligned with these hits.

As far as the production quality, there is some muddiness in the low end. Give each instrument occupying this space some room.

Good luck!

Thanks MichalskiM - I’ll take that advice, microshift the rhythm of the horns which are slower in attack, I can hear that now you have said it. The muddy low end, probably is the timps, so I’ll take a look at the low frequencies to see if I can clean them up.

Thank you people for being my extra pair or ears! My first reaction is normally FFS, what’s wring with that!? lol