Rejected. need your opinion

Hi. this item was rejected and i have some ideas but want to know what you do NOT like here:

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Hi, I think that your video need change colors background, etc and background ugly “setting” I hope you help you regards.

You’re shooting yourself in the foot, using a 2D angle on a complex 3D scene.
You could’ve had the camera zoom out between the cogs and then revealing the whole scene from above, and then the logo thing can happen

Also some of the cogs in the back can be blurred out by depth of field, and some cogs don’t need to move. All the cogs and the movement gives it a feel of a very ‘busy’ background. Makes it hard to focus on the center piece, the logo

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Yea! Static 2D camera for 3D elements scene looks too boring. Use some zoom, use come different angles of camera. And I guess it will be better if you add some rough metal texture

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Pretty nice, but ya the camera movement could definitely be improved to make it more exciting. Also as mention before it might be too “busy”

Cheers Leonar3d

1 Like approwed. What do you think about reworked version?)

Congratulations dude, much better! Look into depth of field techniques though, it’s really important especially for busy scenes.

Nonetheless happy to see you got it approved :slight_smile: