Rejected, need Your opinion, please.

What do You guys think?

Looks OK but way to short if you ask me. It felt suddenly cut even tho I understand what you’ve done…that transition & display but dunno …it’s feeling unfinished…maybe find a better end to it?!
Anyway just my honest oppinion. Wissh you good luck with it mate!

I really like it.

I love the coffee cup, and the music also.
I am sure that even if its short as lepaul said above, there are plenty of clients
that they would find this very useful.

Lately there are a lot of rejecting on the marketplace.
I got 2 in a row on my non-exclusive account.
For me it looks like a change of politic from the side of envato.
Maybe they have really a lot of files so they are very eclectic.

I hope they soon will understand that every unfair rejection make stronger the antagonistic marketplaces.

seems too short for me, maybe if you extend it for alteast more 3 photo placeholders.

Thank You guys. Yeah, ending is a crap, should be better. Its short, becouse short forms better convert on social media, but maybe it was a reason.

The great thing about good After Effects templates is that they can be altered to fit the needs of the buyer, so longer is usually better. Then they still have the option of using short form version.

Not ten minutes or anything, but it’s usually easier to shorten temptes than to duplicate and extend them… so I’d aim for one minute.

Maybe remove the swearing from the preview as well, you’d be surprised how many people could be put off by that. Change it to ‘cow’ instead.

Good points, thanks!

no one mentioned the “Holy Shit” remark… I once put up a template with a lot of humor… and it was rejected… I just took the humor out and it was accepted… not sure why, Envato has no sense of humor? … But just to be on the safe side… take out the “Shit” and add Cow… and put in a photo of a Holy Cow… from india… I am kidding a little but that might work… and perhaps a tad longer… but still I think it stands well as a wedding invite… good job!.. Edit: Actually, just read Space Stock above after I posted this… so we are in accord regarding the Cow. :slight_smile:

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Hah thanks, Ill give it a try! :slight_smile: