Rejected, need help


I got this item rejected and the reason is: sample quality/mixing/mastering
Can someone help me understand why and what changes I have to make to get it ready for the jungle.
Thanks in advance!

Soft acoustic background


I can’t find your track :confused:


Doesn’t the link ( soft acoustic background) work for you?
I put it as a private file on soundcloud.


Hi Stephan! In bar 8 two things happen that are not so nice. One is the bass goes Db - B - A instead of the more natural G - G - A. The Db is clashing with the guitar. Also, the guitar arpeggio makes a noticeable out-of-tempo delay in that last section of the loop (on the Gb - E notes). This would have been less of a problem if it just happened once, but since this is quite blatantly copy-pasted throughout the track, it makes it sound a bit cheap actually. As a rule of thumb with acoustic tracks, don’t copy paste :sunglasses:

Other than than I think you can trim down the treble in general, specifically on the acoustic guitar, triangle and shaker. The shaker is a bit too prominent and repetitive as well. Also, structurally, while repetition can serve its purpose I would consider inserting an alternative theme with different chords to mix it up and provide some gentle variation.

Cheers :wink:


Thank you Stockwaves, very kind of you to take your time and make such a deep analyse. I think I have little work to do with this little song :wink: