Rejected My website

I was make website (BlogTomey) it like Blogger.
Have Dashboard and many things, But it Rejected.
So i need know why ?

With respect this is a long long way from the necessary standards.

  • images/slider is stretched on mobile

  • demos need to be in English (also most people looking beyond the home page)

  • you can’t use trademarks and copyrighted assets or logos eg office packs

  • design generally is a bit messy and out dated eg typography, layout, hierarchy, spacing etc all need work

The best option is to invest time in exploring the attention to detail and versatility of popular items and refining your skills around the basics rather than trying to update this as it is.

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Well, my friend, thank you, but I think the rejection letter should be amended to make it clear in a simple way why it was rejected, and thank you again.

Items that are close get feedback, but if items are a long way off then the feedback is not given in detail as it would take too long (they get thousands of submissions a month) and there is not evidence yet that the author will be able to effectively action it.

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